Renewable & Sustainable Technology

Renewable & Sustainable Technology

As the issue of climate change continues to make headlines, the desire for using sustainable building practices has grown among clients. The added benefit of keeping running costs low means such methods are in high demand.

R W Armstrong has a vast knowledge of sustainable building, ensuring products and techniques used are non-harmful to the environment and built on energy efficient lines.

Projects have included alternative energy sources such as solar panels, photo voltaic cells, biomass boilers, and ground source heat pumps, along with green sedum roofs, grey water recycling and natural swimming pools. Local, reclaimed and renewable materials are also usually used, as are eco-friendly construction methods such as lime plastering.

On-site there are segregated waste policies to maximise recycling opportunities, and the joinery workshop is fitted with a wood burner which reduces wood waste going to landfill, and provides heating for the workshop and head office. In addition, all contracts and site managers attend regular environmental management courses.

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